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Trinity Bourne
Trinity BourneAwakened Empath Founder
I am an experienced empath, seeing and feeling everything around me, within myself. I’ve spent a good part of my life over-coming the challenges of being being a highly sensitive being and realise that one of the reasons I was put here on Earth, was to help other empaths unleash their full potential.

I was born an empath and have been highly sensitive my whole life. Around 22 years ago (when I was 20 years old), I had an experience that changed my life forever. I was flooded with a ‘White Universal Light’ that permeated from the core of existence – filling my entire body. As it swept through me, the entire universe fell away, leaving nothing but the Light of universal inter-connectedness. I have no idea how long it lasted. It seemed to span eternity. My life was changed forever. There was a formless, form. An intangible, tangibility. Touching without touching. Words, without words, far more eloquent and soul stirring than anything I’d ever known on Earth. There was a transparency and profound honesty that threw open the doors to the cosmic library; answering the question to any question that could ever be asked. There were no boundaries. No ‘you and me’. The soul of all things was united as one pulsating being. The veils had all fallen away. It was the ultimate experience of inter-connectivity with all things. This is the ‘place’ I am coming from when I seek to help others.

I am an skilled, empathic energy worker and draw from a life time of experience, especially since my awakening 22 years ago. I was also the co-founder of the Openhand Foundation and spent 10 wonderful years offering my gifts as an empath energy worker on retreats and courses. I have a close affinity with the Angelic Realms and often find myself supported by Angels through the work I do.

Other things: I am the Founder of Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen, working part time as a retreat chef for spiritual events. It offers me an amazing opportunity to express my soul by making delicious food from the heart. I have written two recipe books to promote delicious, compassionate and healthy eating for sensitive souls. I edit my own videos, create my own website and do all my own design work. Keeps my busy! But there is nothing more rewarding that doing what truly stirs my soul and helping others to unleash their true beingness.