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Travel Tips for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

Travel can enrich the soul and broaden horizons, opening our hearts and minds to new possibilities. In today’s busy world however, it can be somewhat overwhelming for those of us who are empaths as we sense and feel everything around us, within ourselves. If your senses are on over-drive and your awareness is heightened, busy [...]

How to flow in the swirling torrents of life – for empaths

Life can often be confusing as an empath. We might at times find ourselves swept along in the swirling  torrent of life, feeling like we have very little choice in the matter. How do we navigate the path and stay true to ourselves? The following story, originally by Chuang Tzu, offers a profound metaphor for [...]

Being an Empath

Empaths sense everything going on around them, feeling it as their own, within themselves. An Empath can’t turn off empathy (unlike someone who might be 'empathising'). It is possibly one of the most challenging of spiritual gifts to master. I am an Empath who has spent over two decades, since awakening, mastering my empathic nature. [...]