The mystery of Love – healing back to wholeness

Love is somewhat of a mystery to most of us, because it’s kind of intangible and undefinable. It’s difficult to grasp with the intellectual mind. We can point to it, yet, it’s only when we experience it that it begins to fully make sense. To truly love, we have to let go, feel beyond the [...]


Travel Tips for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

Travel can enrich the soul and broaden horizons, opening our hearts and minds to new possibilities. In today’s busy world however, it can be somewhat overwhelming for those of us who are empaths as we sense and feel everything around us, within ourselves. If your senses are on over-drive and your awareness is heightened, busy [...]


The importance of grounding for Empaths

Coming back to Earth As an empath, I have always been somewhat 'ethereal' in nature. Being ethereal can feel rather blissful, expansive and free - a welcomed relief from the intensity of being an empath. The ether is the space in which pure energy flourishes. It's where life-force, chi, manna, universal life energy flows. Since, [...]


How to flow in the swirling torrents of life – for empaths

Life can often be confusing as an empath. We might at times find ourselves swept along in the swirling  torrent of life, feeling like we have very little choice in the matter. How do we navigate the path and stay true to ourselves? The following story, originally by Chuang Tzu, offers a profound metaphor for [...]


Finding serenity in the storm in a chaotic world

Just breathe! Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make our day a whole lot better. Often the answer is so obvious, it has been staring us in the face the whole time. Finding instant calm in our hectic, challenging or busy lives can be so simple if we allow it. It’s all about the breath. [...]


Loving yourself – putting yourself first for once

Let's look at the most divine gift you can give both yourself and the world... loving YOU! Hold up your hand if you have been too busy lately to really love and nurture yourself. Hold up your hand if there is a little voice inside your head giving every reason under the sun why you [...]


Being an Empath

Empaths sense everything going on around them, feeling it as their own, within themselves. An Empath can’t turn off empathy (unlike someone who might be 'empathising'). It is possibly one of the most challenging of spiritual gifts to master. I am an Empath who has spent over two decades, since awakening, mastering my empathic nature. [...]


The Art of Meditation in Everyday Life

Meditation anytime, anywhere, for anyone The wonderful thing about meditation is that anybody can do it. Contrary to popular belief there is no right or wrong way to practice it. It is an innate expression of the soul, and can be done anywhere, anytime, any environment, whilst engaged in anything. It can happen whilst walking [...]